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"I am human and I need to be loved

Just like everybody else does"

Fire Walk With Me

About Me
Name: Linsey
Nicknames: Angel, Linsey Lou, Doll, Lins
Adjectives: Freaky, lazy, angsty, pervy, moody, random, quirky, compassionate, liberal, intense, morbid, pessimistic
Sex: Female
Occupation: Sales Assistant
Zodiac: Capricorn, with my moon in Leo
Birthday: January 12, 1982
Nationality: Scottish, with a bit of Irish thrown in there for good measure! :D
Stuff I like?: Anime, manga, music of all different kinds, reading, drawing, horror fims, more films, tattoos, piercings, cats, shopping, pretty clothes, shoes, jewellery.

my pet!

I like kitties ^__^

Stamped at hellsing_stamps

80s cartoons, abandoned buildings, alucard/integra, animals, anime, asian horror, b-movies, badfic, battle angel alita, battle royale, becoming human, being a geek, blood, books, bubblegum crisis, burlesque, buying perfume, cake, canon pairings, cats, chinese food, chocolate, cirkeln, cold case, comics, corsets, curtis/nikki, dancing, dario argento films, dark comedy, david lynch, daydreaming, defying gravity, demonology, destiel, devilman, dirty jokes, doctor who, drawing, dreams, e4, eating pick 'n' mix, engelfors trilogy, engrish, fairies, fake, fanfiction, flowers, folklore, fruits basket, ghost stories, ghosts, glitter, go nagai, graphic novels, harry potter, hellsing, history, horror films, house m.d, innuendo, integra hellsing, integra/seras, jewellery, johnny cash, kill bill, kinkiness, knives, kokeshi dolls, looking at the stars, manga, misfits, more stuff, music, my bed, my jeans, mythology, nathan/simon, naughtiness, nighttime, obhwf, occult, old cemetaries, paranormal, parasyte, perfume, piercings, pip/seras, poetry, procastinating, pullip dolls, pushing daisies, quizzes, reading, red hot chilli peppers, ringu, robert burns, rock, romance, ron/hermione, salad fingers, sexy villans, shakespeare, shiny things, shipping, shoes, shopping, shounen-ai, shutterbox, simon/alisha, sleep, smut, snark, spaced, sparkly stuff, sterek, stuff, tattoos, tea, terazuma, the bride, the inbetweeners, the supernatural, trees, troma, tsuzuki/hisoka, twin peaks, tyka, urban legends, useless trivia, vampires, victoriana, vlad the impaler, voodoo, walking, warm bodies, weirdness, wings, witchcraft, writing, yami no matsuei, yaoi